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Public attitudes toward contemporary issues in liver allocation

Heather W. O’Dell Benjamin J. McMichael Suzie Lee Jay L. Karp R. Lawrence VanHorn Seth J. Karp American Journal of Transplantation Volume 19, Issue 4 First published: 23 December 2018 Abstract Allocation of scarce livers for transplantation seeks to balance competing ethical principles of autonomy, utility, and justice. Given the history and ongoing dependence of […]

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Innovating Health Care Delivery

As more people are enrolled in high deductible plans, they will begin to act more like consumers in any other market, who are price sensitive and willing to shop around for a service that satisfies their preferences. Innovating in Health Care Delivery Senator William H. Frist, Sr., MD Benjamin J. McMichael, JD, PhD R. Lawrence […]

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